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September 9, 2012
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Ashley's P.O.V.

I didn't recognize the person until I pulled them to their feet. From afar, it looked like some '70s rocker straight from a KISS concert being molested by two drunks, aka Juliet and Scout. I didn't think I had seen him before- no one at school dressed like that...

   Shaking my head, I called, "Juliet! Scout! Fuck off!" I sighed at having to do this again. I was regretting even hosting this party.

   "Are you alright?" I asked the guy, holding out my hand. He hesitantly took it, his cold palm sending involuntary shivers down my spine. I pulled the guy up, realizing that he was alot taller than I gave him credit for, and found myself staring into the gorgeous, blue eyes of Andrew Biersack.

   What? I was confused. How could this be Andy, infamous playboy, who was about as normal as you could get? He came to school dressed in t-shirts and jeans, not revealing band tees and combat boots! Well, I then thought to myself, I guess he's somewhat like me. And, I had to admit, the clothes made him look really good. My eyes travelled down to his flat, exposed stomach. Almost... sexy. I couldn't believe I was admitting it myself.

   Filing the thoughts away for later, I asked again, "Are you alright?" He looked a bit shaky. When he responded, his voice shook a little.


   We stood there for a while he calmed down. After a few minutes, I cleared my throat- he was still holding my hand. Andy looked down, before jerking his hand away, blushing.

   "You look a bit different," I said to him, trying to fill the awkward silence. He blushed again, the rosy colour that filled his cheeks making him look very attractive. Wait. What did I just say? Again? Ashley, he's a GUY...

   "Yeah. I guess I thought everyone would be too drunk to remember me in the morning. But you're looking a bit strange yourself," he said, looking me up and down.

   "I was having the same thoughts myself." It was true- even though how I dressed normally was deemed "unacceptable," I was dressing how I liked all-out tonight, with leather pants, a leather vest and very thickly lined eyes.

   We stood in silence for a few moments more, before Andy asked, "Do you want to go get a drink?" indicating his cup, which had spilled all over my deck. I was slightly reluctant to go back inside, but instead replied, "Sure."

   "So, Misfits..." I said when we got into kitchen. I stood off to the side as he poured two cups of Seagram's 7. He smiled slightly, handing one to me, and replied, "Yeah, great band. You know 'em?"

   "Know them?" I scoffed. "I could sing their songs in my sleep. My favorite is 'Dig Up Her Bones.' Yours?"

   He smiled again, this time more genuine. "Same."

   That started off our conversation, with us sitting outside and drinking all we could, talking about anything and everything, from our future to music to clothes. And that was all I could remember.

-Ecstasy, 9/9/12
Sorry about the abrupt ending! I know where I want to go with the next chapter, I just didn't know how to get there...

All of this shit belongs to me.
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great chapter... :D
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This my friend is fuckin' amazing.
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Thanks bunches!
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